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CDOCS – Compliance Control System


RCS CDOCS  provides a flexible framework for uploading, approving, archiving and tracking all compliance related tasks. It has configurable review schedules and  approval workflows to meet specific requirements. With RCS CDOCS compliance software, customers can rapidly identify, analyze and address compliance-related deficiencies and generate Corrective Action Requests (CARs) to prevent reoccurances.

Compliance related documents can be stored in CDOCS’ document repository. They can be labeled under multiple hirearchies.  With CDOCS, customers can search and retrieve their important documents in a breeze.

RCS C-Docs helps organizations effectively audit processes to ensure compliance with relevant standards and regulations. Internal assessments and supplier assessments can be scheduled, created and executed. CARs can be created from assessment findings when non-conformances are identified.

  • Statutory Compliances

    Tasks related to company formation, licensing and labour welfare can be tracked and audited. Documents related to these can be stored electronically for easy retrieval.

  • Organizational Compliances

    These are reviews, ISO audits and other company specific compliances. If the board decides to conduct a brain-storming meeting between multiple stakeholders every fortnight, the same can be configured and tracked by CDOCS and the output can be documented and stored.

  • Scheduler

    The scheduler is used to configure tasks at different intervals. They can be daily, weekly etc. or can be specific dates.

  • Alert Engine

    The alert ending can send SMS messages or mails to the stake holders. Alerts can be scheduled at different frequencies based on the severity of the compliance.

  • Compliance Audit

    With CDOCS, Organisations can audit tasks across different geographies. Tasks done in any part of the World can be audited by auditors in the UAE. They can also collaborate with the stakeholders.

  • Document Store

    Every document pertaining to different compliances are stored under individual hirearchies. This facilitates easy retrieval for scrutinies and performance checks.

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Now… With pre-configured compliances…

rcs cdocs manages compliances, stores documents, audits and enables seamless monitoring across the globe

      Alerts can be scheduled at different frequencies based on the severity of the compliance.


      The Document Store

          KEY FEATURES


          • Assist your organization to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance to ISO, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other international standards for business, government and society

          • Facilitate the capture, management and communication of all required information across your organization

          • Ensure relevant members of your organization have the knowledge needed to comply and are current with their certification requirements

          • Maintain global management standards and procedures

          • Assess awareness and compliance of all members in the organization to company policies and legal regulatory requirements

          • Maintain a centralized system for compliance management



          The RCS Group is in the business of delivering IT Services since 1991. Our systems and processes have evolved over a period of two decades. We have strong resource pool. We are quick to respond. Our processes are automated with self built applications fine tuned to our customer’s needs. We have learned a lot by serving esteemed like Bank of America, Honeywell, KPMG, E&Y, GE and ANZ.


          We understand all standard systems and processes. We blend with our customers’ teams and work models by carefully studying them and by possessing prior knowledge of similar models. Our tools are configurable and can be implemented to suit diverse needs. We have strict shortlisting procedures which will make our resources productive from day one.

          Domain Expertise

          We have worked extensively in many verticals

          • Banking
          • Aerospace
          • Manufacturing
          • Telecom
          • Financial Institutions
          • Business Process Outsourcing
          • Healthcare

          Agile & Effecient

          We have dedicated SPOC for each of our customers whose only responsibility is to customer delight. We have a thin organisational hierarchy enabling quick decisions. We have small and agile development teams who can quickly be deployed on necessity.

          Customisable Applications

          Our products are built with technologies that are robust and easy to customise. Our customers have found considerable reduction in effort estimation and turnaround time for solutions and services in these areas by using our configurable and customisable solutions.

          Strong Controls

          Our project management and incidence management processes are automated with defined escalation matrix. Escalation criteria is based on severity and priority. Stake holders are pre assigned and escalations are automatic throughout the hierarchy.  All tasks and incidences are planned with timelines, assigned to specific stakeholders and monitored.