• Robust Storage Solutions

    Our Professional Storage Offerings save you precious space and maintenance

  • Digitizing & Hosting

    Access your data from the comfort of your table – through internet or intranet


Physical Document Storage with Scanning & Hosting Services

DOCMAN is a digital document store that can be integrated with any intranet. DOCMAN is built on secured three tier architecture with secured socket layer and can be made available in the internet. Our physical storage service ensures your documents are packed in cardboard boxes by professional packers and safely stored in racks at our state of the art facility.

Physical & Electronic Storage

Companies accumulate documents during the course of their operation. Statutory documents must be safeguarded for many years. Operational documents need to be maintained in good condition for different periods based on internal policies.

Document management service from RCS is  both electronic and physical. We provide you with digital copiers of your documents at a key stroke away while storing your physical documents in our facilities. Physical documents will be delivered on demand following stringent Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Digitization & Physical Storage

Unique combination of document digitization and electronic storage with SLA based physical storage services

Digital Store

  • Security

    Document access is highly restricted. Super user can allow or deny access to documents to each user or user group.

  • Document Hierarchy

    Documents are grouped based on hierarchy of task. This hierarchy can be configured.


    Company >> Division>> Department >>Group

  • Indexing & Labeling

    These documents are labeled according to the nomenclature of the group they belong and they are indexed

  • Retrieval

    Retrieval is easy due to careful selection of hierarchies and labels. Extensive filtering is a feature.

  • Backup

    Provision to backup to cloud store or local computer is available. We have provision to store documents in database or in folders to provide multiple backup options.

Off-Site Storage

RCS provides a full service, offsite, business records storage solution, which empowers you to manage the document lifecycle from Source-to-Shred. You can take advantage of our secure document storage and retrieval, delivery, indexing, destruction, and consulting services. Our Record Center facilitates complete with barcode tracking, system-driven workflows, and sophisticated records management systems to keep your records protected yet easily accessible. Collections can be managed remotely with Web-based access to business records and 24×7 customer services.

RCS is committed to providing you with industry leading customer service and support. Our customer representatives are cross-trained to service every client and experienced service managers can handle specific account requirements. As a result, each client has access to a dedicated team of professionals who care about their business and always respond to their needs.

Stringent SLA for Scanning, Collection & Delivery

Physical Security

  • 24/7 Manned and Digital Security

  • Access to storage through multiple security hierarchy

  • Fire, Weather and Bug proof

  • Direct camera access to customers for visual monitoring of individual storage area

  • Pass-Code based document delivery

Digital Security

  • Seven levels of document hierarchy

  • Document hierarchy based access control

  • Encrypted communication through Secured Socket Layer (SSL)

  • Inherent JAVA Security

  • Single Sign-On, Active Directory and LDAP integration

With DOCMAN your documents are safe and at easy reach – Both Physical & Digital

Our mobile access gateway provides safe and secure viewing of documents on any phone or tablet

Record management and hosting service will exploit the power of our software which has been evolved from our flagship product “RCS TRAXX”.

From paper files to electronic documents, we help to create a customized records and information management solution that fits your needs and your budget. Documents retention serves many purposes of legal and accounting needs. Many of your documents need to be preserved for many years according to different regulations. We manage records and information in the most effective, cost efficient and legally compliant manner.

Our Records Management and Hosting Service (RMHS) provides standard and customized storage solutions from page, file to carton level. All documents are scanned using high end scanners and put on our own servers with high level encryption. This enables our clients to access their documents as per their wish without getting worried about security and unauthorized access to their documents.

Data Shredding

Companies must be compliant and protect their information. After all, confidential printed documents in the wrong hands can be used to steal the identity of employees or customers, provide competitors with vital records, and threaten the integrity of a company.

Whether you require the destruction of short-lived documents housed in an office or cartons and files stored in an RCS Records Center facility, we provide the tools to easily monitor and authorize certified shredding of records at just the right time.

RCS offers cost-effective solutions for the shredding of sensitive documents, including carton and file shredding. This document shredding services ensure that business records are destroyed safely offsite in a secure, confidential, and properly monitored facility. Our shredding facilities are designed and built to standards. As such, you can rest assured that sensitive materials will be destroyed without compromising confidentiality.