IT Infrastructure Management Services

 We at RCS provide end-to-end IT infrastructure management services for our clients. We have well defined process, automation tools that provide you with the assurance of consistently superior performance. Be it multiple service windows, availability or technologies, we have the flexibility and agility to ensure that your IT infrastructure is always responsive to your business needs.

With enriched experience in Industry standard Infrastructure Management tools such as Network Monitoring, Server Monitoring, Application Monitoring, IP Traffic Metering and Profiling and Service Desk tools, we can bring on to your desk not just real time information on the incidents, alerts and events but also efficient responses and resolution to all events and breakdowns.


Remote Support Services


  • Troubleshoot and Resolve Issues Fast
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Team Collaboration and Session Transfer
  • Drawing, Highlighting and Pointing
  • File Transfer
  • Reboot / Reconnect
  • Fast Time-to-Session Speed
  • Record sessions for training and accountability purposes.
  • Collect customer feedback using built-in surveys.
  • Track team and individual metrics and set up automatic reports.
  • Two-Way Screen SharingBoth reps and customers can share their screens.
  • Remote Control With the customer’s permission, a rep can remotely take control of the customer’s desktop or device to provide service.
  • File Transfer Useful for applying patches, sending URLs and receiving log files.
  • Remote DiagnosticsReps can access your customer’s system information using a customizable tool to gather information specific to your support needs.
  • Annotation ToolsBoth reps and customer on the call can draw, highlight and point to items right on the screen.
  • Reboot / Reconnect Reps can restart the customer’s computer and automatically reconnect to the support session in progress.
  • Log-In as Administrator IT help desk administrators can remotely log in to customer computers to perform system administrative tasks without interrupting the session in progress. (Includes Send-Ctrl-Alt-Del.)

Benefit from RCS

  • Customers  choose RCS for its dependability and speedy return on investment.
  • Increased first-call resolution rates of up to 70 percent
  • Lower total call volumes due to fewer repeat calls
  • Thousands of dollars saved in travel costs

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Application Management

Application Management

Availability of all mission critical and business critical applications is utmost important for any business. Constant monitoring and Performance Management of these Applications is taken as highest priority at any time.

IT Infrastructure Team manages the availability, response time, health and performance of an application. Apart from that, aiding end users with enquiries, configuration support requests and underlying IT Infrastructure configuration settings also fall under the purview of an application support team.

At RCS, we monitor and manage application availability 24*7, handle end user application support and any other back office application operation.

Our services under Application Management encompass:   

  • 24/7 virtual application monitoring
  • 24/7 application infrastructure monitoring
  • End user application support
  • Application infrastructure performance optimization
  • Business service management

Database Management

RCS has more than 15 years of experience in managing complex database deployments across the world. With inherent ability to manage IT Infrastructure covering servers and networks, each database incident, event and alarm is thoroughly checked against the performance issues in all other connected IT Infrastructure elements. Our competency provides a single stop solution for our clients who want to analyze the database in totality along with all other IT Infrastructure elements.

Our core services in Database Management include:

  • 24/7 Database monitoring and support
  • Remote database administration and support services
  • Database performance tuning
  • HA – RAC and dataguard support services
  • Database migration services
  • Backup and recovery services

Network Management

Network Management

RCS Network Management Services (NMS) provides a single platform for a wide range of managed services portfolio offering both habitual and pioneering on-demand outsourcing offerings.

Our Network Management Services covers all functional areas of network management providing end-to-end view of an IT Infrastructure and our expertise followed by a process based approach presents a win-win situation to our client base

Our Network Management Services cover:

RCS facilitates an effective and optimized approach to capitalize on network design, application accessibility and recital, trim down or shun downtime.

With our knowledge and expertise acquired over the last 10 years in Network Administration and Management, we assure our clients a problem free networking environment. Our Network Management is a combination of network management tools and technology expertise which provides consistency and reduces outages.

In the view of both medium and long-term intent, RCS not only helps to lower operational

Server Management

At RCS, Server Management is everything about uptime, availability and optimized performance where we work towards building a server system, which is effective, reliable, secured and cost efficient.

When it comes to Server Management, we follow a “People-Process-Tool” philosophy. The expertise, experience and exposure of our engineers add on to the service offering. Processes are defined to ensure that the servers undergo a routine checkup on performance bottleneck, resource thresholds & availability, configuration constraints, hardware limitations and various other aspects to assure best possible performance. Tools form an important part of our service and we have evaluated, tested and deployed various server monitoring tools, specific to the business requirement and commercial confines.

RCS is also continuously focused on building comprehensive server capacity management services by evaluating latest hardware available and the applications suitability with respect to server capacity and infrastructure.

Our core functions in Server Management are:

  • Increase Server uptime and enhance security
  • Administering and tuning of server parameters and o/s
  • Capacity Planning for Server, Installation of o/s upgrades
  • Reloading of o/s and performance tuning
  • Perform user account administration as per site requirements.
  • Security Management using security features of OS.
  • Periodic change of passwords on servers & workstations.
  • Monitoring of CPU, Memory & disk space utilization, on exceeding the thresh hold limit intimating the customers for further action.
  • System performance tuning and purging the files on server on day to day basis.
  • Periodic updation of latest Service packs and patches.
  • Reports maintained: Server uptime report & Server activity monitoring chart.

Managed Communications

Managed Communications

RCS’s Managed Communication Services are designed to improve end-user productivity and help better utilize voice-based resources. RCS uses best practices and methodologies to design and manage each organization’s multi-vendor, multi-technology voice networks. Our services help standardize processes and the 24×7 management of communication services help ensure maximum uptime for critical voice and business applications, reducing network outages hence lowering MTTR significantly. Unified communications is expected to transform businesses in the same way the Internet had changed the business landscape in the previous decade.

  RCS’s Managed Communications Services

Communication enterprise telephony
Contact center
Unified messaging services
VoIP provisioning
Conferencing & Collaboration
IP infrastructure

Our voice services cover both onsite and remote Managed Voice services. Our Managed Communication Services also cover consulting for design and deployment of Microsoft Unified Communications Solutions, as well as Cisco and Avaya IPT infrastructure.

Product expertise for Managed Communication Services covers

  • Analog, digital and IP phone setup,
  • Avaya and Cisco Call managers,
  • CMS and Call Center ELITE,
  • Symposium ACD, Contact Center 6
  • Voice Recording – Nice logger and Variant logger
  • Avaya Intuity and Octel Voicemail,
  • Meridian Mail, Nortel Meridian 81c, 61c and 11c
  • Nortel MUX – Passport 7450
  • Microsoft LCS 2005 and OCS 2007

One of the main focuses of unified communications is to reduce communication latency. Our Managed Communication Services ensure that you get the best out of your data and voice networks with timely support. RCS provides L1, L2 and L3 unified communications support for enterprise and call centre customers who want to outsource part of their work like change management, incident management for cost efficiency and improved SLA. RCS also offers advanced monitoring tools to manage the IP telephony infrastructure setup to ensure that customers do not have to invest heavily in tools and IPT expertise.

Storage Management

Storage Management

Storage is a crucial part of IT infrastructure and companies need to build a storage environment that is both reliable and cost effective.

The challenge is not only selecting a storage technology to deploy from a bewildering number of products, but also what to deploy that will integrate well in the existing infrastructure and maximize asset utilization, getting the best return from both new and existing investments.

By examining business requirements, analyzing existing infrastructure and interviewing and considering the needs of all stakeholders, including end users, RCS helps select solutions which deliver immediate bottom-line returns and substantial future savings with often minimal investment.

We cover the following on SAN, NAS & DAS

  • Server monitoring (monitor standard server KPI, extended monitoring)
  • OS level/application level patch management & routine administration
  • Server backup management (windows based or 3rd party backup software)
  • Server consolidation, upgrades and migration services
  • Regular system audits and capacity management

Desktop Management

Desktop Management

Desktop management services offered by RCS are designed to optimize your IT resource utilization and provide a standardized end-user environment. RCS’s mature delivery processes for desktop management are tailored to address the needs of diverse customer segments.

 RCS’s Desktop Management Service Offering
Management Services
Remote desktop management, control and support
Software distribution
Client application environment support
Migration services
Vendor management

Professional/Project Services 
Platform services
Application packaging and core build services
Platform Services
Platform design & deployment services
Platform migration services – desktop (NT to XP)
Platform optimization services (Windows active directory & networking services (DNS, DHCP, WINS)
Advanced feature implementation of Windows 2003 – PKI, Quarantine, RMS, SUS etc.,
Application Packaging and Core Build Services
Applications packaging/core build creation
Packaged applications roll-out
Desktop standardization and roll-out

Enterprise Service Desk

Enterprise Service Desk

RCS’s Enterprise Service Desk helps you to realize a significant impact on your help desk productivity and end user efficiency. This is made possible by our proactive approach which addresses not only escalating issues, but also identifies and prevents recurring issues. Our extensive reporting helps in better understanding of issues and improved service delivery. With RCS taking care of your enterprise help desk, you are certain to experience the benefits of improved efficiency, 24×7 availability and greater control over your IT costs.

RCS’s EnterpriseService Desk Offering

  • Integrated help desk from Level 1 (Call logging) to Level 3 (System administration)
  • Facilitating customer change request management, software license management, configuration management, availability management
  • Handling incidents, problems, and service requests
  • In-house developed ITIL compliant helpdesk tool

Enterprise Computing

Enterprise Computing

Large organizations need special computing solutions on account of their size, geographical spread, processing intensive applications, a diversity of operating systems, and high-end heterogeneous computing hardware.

Enterprise hardware, Software & Services

Hardware for enterprise computing necessarily needs to have high availability, scalability and inter-operability. Keeping in line with its business philosophy of end to end IT infrastructure solutions and services, RCS has over the years provided customers with a wide array of hardware and software solutions from Sun Microsystems and IBM.

Enterprise Hardware
Server Solutions

  • Sun Servers and Workstation
  • IBM P Series Servers, AIX Servers

Storage Solutions

  • Sun Storage Solutions
  • IBM Storage Solutions

Recovery and Storage Management Software

  • Tivoli Storage Manager
  • VERITAS Backup Software

Enterprise Computing Services

  • Sun Service, Support  and AMC
  • IBM Support
  • Tivoli Implementation
  • VERITAS Implementation
  • Clusters
  • SUN and Oracle solutions



Virtualization and Application delivery are technologies that are capturing the mindshare of many CIO’s as they deliver cost effectiveness, enhance performance, reduce global warming and enhance IT security. Keeping pace with technology, RCS has made investments in developing the skills and expertise required to deliver state of the art solutions to its customers. By our partnering with technology leaders in this space, customers are assured of excellent and appropriate solution design and flawless execution.

Virtualization Solutions & Services

RCS has made substantial investments in building up a large portfolio of skills and deep domain knowledge of Virtualization across the entire IT infrastructure space. The organization works closely with several leading vendors to assess, design, deliver and manage large complex virtualization projects.

Moreover RCS’s experience and expertise across the entire IT infrastructure stack ensures that you get solutions that work seamlessly within your environment regardless of how complex it is.

The technical teams carry multiple certifications across all the virtualization domains, and also have experience in several domains of IT infrastructure design and execution.

This goes a long way in ensuring that our virtualization solutions are designed to fit into your environment and will work to meet all the objectives set out for your virtualization projects.

Virtualization Solutions from RCS:

Server Consolidation & Infrastructure Optimization
Software Life cycle Automation
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Desktops Virtualization
Storage Virtualization
Printing Virtualization
High Availability and Fault Tolerant Solutions (For Virtual and Physical Environments).
Data Center & Application Workloads Migration and Optimization Solutions.
Cloud Computing
Consulting, Assessment, and Implementation Services:

Server Consolidation & Containment
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Development & Test Optimization
Virtual Infrastructure Design & Planning
Virtual Infrastructure Management & Monitoring
Virtualization Skilled Manpower Outsourcing
Virtualization Support Maintenance Contracts

Application Delivery Solutions & Services

Application Delivery Solutions & Services

Applications are the closest intersection between IT and business. The business today runs on Applications and the success of any IT organization depends on ensuring that the applications meet their business goals, and that they are available with little or no latency.

Over the years, users have moved farther away from headquarters, while on the flip side trends like datacenter consolidation, security requirements and the necessity of regulatory compliances have made applications less accessible to users.

This poses several challenges to IT executives in figuring out how their infrastructure can be architected to deliver applications from their origin to the datacenter, and down the line to the end users. And while doing this they need to ensure high performance, lower costs and higher security.

The answer lies in Application delivery solutions from leading vendors like Citrix which helps in boosting performance of Applications such as:

  • Web Applications (Like any ERP, CRM, Internet, Intranet Portals etc)
  • Windows Applications (Any Client Server Windows Applications like MS Exchange and Outlook etc)
  • Desktop Applications. (Like MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, and Internet Browsers etc)

RCS’s Application Delivery Solutions:

  • Windows Application Delivery
  • Web Applications Delivery
  • Web and Windows Applications Security
  • WAN Optimization
  • Windows and Web Applications Performance
  • Desktops Delivery
  • Provisioning Servers/Workloads.

Consulting, Assessment, and Implementation Services:

  • Application Networking
  • Windows Applications
  • Desktops Delivery
  • Application Delivery system – Skilled On site Support