Fundamentals of the Java Programming Language

  • Describe key concepts of the Java programming language
  • List the three Java technology product groups
  • Summarize each of the seven stages of the product life cycle
Course Content

Java Programming Language

  • Create Java technology applications that leverage the object-oriented features of the Java language, such as encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism
  • Execute a Java technology application from the command line
  • Use Java technology data types and expressions
  • Use Java technology flow control constructs
  • Use arrays and other data collections
  • Implement error-handling techniques using exception handling
Course Content

Developing Applications for the J2EE Platform

  • Placing the Java EE Model in Context
  • Java EE Component Model and Development Steps
  • Web Component Model and Developing Servlets
  • Developing With JavaServer Pages Technology
  • EJB Component Model
  • Implementing EJB 3.0 Session Beans


Course Content

Web Component Development with Servlets & JSP

Course Topics: Introduction to Java Servlets

  • Describe web applications, CGI, and the role of Java
  • Describe benefits of Java servlet technology
  • Create a simple Java Servlet
Course Content

Business Component Development with EJB Technology

  • Implement business-tier functionality using EJB technology
  • Describe best practices and other advanced issues in business component development with EJB technology
  • Assemble and deploy EJB technology business-tier components on an application server
Course Content

SL-425 Architecting and Designing J2EE Applications Duration

This course provides students with knowledge needed to use the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE platform) to create robust enterprise applications that allow for rapid change and growth. Participants gain an understanding of the strategies needed to create application blueprints that work well when implementing J2EE technologies.

Course Content

Design Pattern

  • Fundamental Architectural Concepts
  • System Architecture Development and Guidelines
  • Analyzing Quality-of-Service Requirements
  • Usage of Java EE Platform Patterns
Course Content

Web Services

  • Overview of Web Services
  • Simple Object Access Protocol – SOAP
  • Web Services Description Language – WSDL
  • UDDI Fundamentals
  • Java API for XML Binding
Course Content