Migration Services 

Solaris 11 Migration

Migrating to the popular Solaris 11 Operating System (OS) is important to many data center environments but these projects are sometimes delayed because of the perceived risk, cost, or time involved. RCS have made the upgrade decision easier by offering the Solaris 11 OS Migration Service, a consulting service  that can help customers:

·         Simplify their upgrade process

·         Help reduce risk

·         Minimize disruption to users and application environments

·         Help enable success at every phase of the upgrade

The Solaris 11 OS Migration is based on well-honed best practices distilled from RCS’s many years of  experience and utilizes sophisticated tools available with the Solaris 11 OS to simplify the upgrade process.

RCS offers a rapid and cost-effective approach to upgrades which also minimizes disruption and service downtime. By using automation to simplify the upgrade process and helps to reduce risk.

Key benefits of the Solaris 11 OS Migration Service include:

  • Leveraging RCS experts can help to reduce risk and make the migration easier
  • Ability to reboot to a known good environment in less time helps to reduce the need for extensive testing of the  application stack under the new OS
  • Minimal disruption to users — Less application down time
  • Software and application environment remains unchanged
  • Fewer system configurations increases maintainability and availability
  • Customers are positioned to take advantage of enhanced Solaris 11 features through additional
  • services that can optimize the Solaris 11 OS environment

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