Mobile Apps Development


Android Application Development Training Course

  • Fundamentals of Developing Android Application
  • Android User Interface Library
  • Expand Android User Interface Library
  • Persisting Data using SQLite Database
  • Developing GPS Recording Applications
  • AppRater
  • SMS / Accelometer
Course Content

Android Programming Course

  • Introduction to Android
  • Android Architecture
  • Android Boot up Process
  • Working with Eclipse, SDK Installation and Emulator
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iPhone Basic Course Content Objective-C for IT Professionals

Immerse yourself for a solid week in the iOS SDK. First, spend two days learning the basics of Objective-C and the Foundation framework. Take a day off, and then dive right into Cocoa touch for the iPhone. For five solid days, we’ll explore the iOS SDK in depth, writing a number of working iPhone/iPad apps that demonstrate a wide range of capabilities.

Course Content

iPhone Development for IT Professionals 

Using Xcode 4: Add the coolest features of Xcode 4 to your development workflow, including the newly built-in Interface Builder, the new Version Editor—which works seamlessly with version control systems such as Git and Subversion—and the Clang Static Analyzer.

Course Content

iPhone Development for Senior IT Professionals 

Learn to use Xcode 4 and iOS SDK frameworks such as Foundation, UIKit, and Core Animation to develop sophisticated, full-featured iOS 5 iPhone and iPad applications ready for the enterprise. This course will enable you to develop apps that incorporate many of the powerful features of Objective-C and Cocoa touch.

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