Product development

Product Life Cycle Management

With 20 plus years of experience in product development and management, 260 plus client engagement, RCS brings with it assured delivery, predictable execution and a very strong product focus to help clients bring out superior products.


There will be different needs at different stages of product lifecycle. Thus we have specific offerings for all these stages to meet your product reengineering needs. RCS with its product focused services can be your strategic product development partner offering product development, product enhancement, product migration and product support.


The Product Engineering division at RCS delivers true business value through strategic software development. Our delivery model is based on our years of expertise in developing highly complex software technology solutions. Our service spectrum includes:


Product Development

With our focused product development approach we have the capability to handle the entire product development and engineering lifecycle from conceptualization to deployment covering the full span of product development engineering.

Our product development methodologies and processes delivers high quality software, reducing overheads and a high visibility to customers. We deliver true business value through strategic software development. We use our time-tested delivery model, which is based on our years of expertise in developing highly complex software technology solutions. This model ensures flexibility and certainty to optimize your software development.


We also do Architecture Blueprinting where RCS’ architecture and design team focuses on creating solutions that are extensible, scalable, adaptable to change, maintainable and would remain current and competitive in the foreseeable future.

Product Enhancement

Companies across industries are always in pressure to regularly update their product features and quality in minimal time. With our extensive product management expertise, we help our clients in customizing and innovating their existing products to meet new market needs. We undertake a rigorous task to understand your product and the market it serves and provide recommendations for enhancing the product and a plan to achieve the same.


RCS ensures that the product user’s experiences a high level of navigability, efficiency and accessibility. For Product Enhancement, we follow following process :

 Product gap analysis and conceptualization
 Conducting JAD Sessions with end users
 Documenting the current state and envisaged future state of the product
 Use case and System / Functional Requirements Documents creation
 Product usability engineering
 Graphical user interface (GUI) designing
 Creation of wireframes / prototyping

Our Enhancement services to reengineer and modernize applications help our clients to modernize their Products with minimum risks.

We offer services such as:

 New feature addition
 Product Integration
 Change Release Management
 Product Transition
 Environment upgrades and web enablement
 SOA Enablement

Product Migration

Every product has its own lifecycle and runs its course. It’s therefore important to have a product plan in place for the product. At RCS, we have a well defined transition road map for the products that have reached a maturity stage in the product lifecycle. We analyze to identify the current stage of the product and depending on the technical quality and the business value; we either migrate it to newer technologies or replace it with another custom build product.


Under our migration services we offer:

 Product transition planning
 Design and re-architecture/re-engineering services
 Legacy modernization services
 Developing migration strategies
 Database, Application & OS Migration and Upgrades

Product Testing

At, RCS we have a dedicated independent validation arm, which specializes in Product Testing which ensures that the products that reach your customer are robust and bug free.

Faster product releases are one of the top priorities of the Product manager and our testing focused methodologies and models ensure that you get the faster-time-to market edge.

We have established COE’s that help our clients leverage on our frameworks & matured processes for world class superior products.

Some of the services we offer under product testing are:

 Unit testing
 Integration testing
 User Acceptance testing (UAT)
 Functional testing
 Localization and internationalization testing
 Product Migration Testing
 Product Security Testing
 GUI Testing
 Performance Testing
 Post-testing support
 Product documentation

Testing Process