Records Mangaement & Hosting Services

Record management and hosting service will exploit the power of our software which has been evolved from our flagship product “RCS TRAXX”.

From paper files to electronic documents, we help to create a customized records and information management solution that fits your needs and your budget. Documents retention serves many purposes of legal and accounting needs. Many of your documents need to be preserved for many years according to different regulations. We manage records and information in the most effective, cost efficient and legally compliant manner.

Our Records Management and Hosting Service (RMHS) provides standard and customized storage solutions from page, file to carton level. All documents are scanned using high end scanners and put on our own servers with high level encryption. This enables our clients to access their documents as per their wish without getting worried about security and unauthorized access to their documents.

Records Physical Storage and Retrieval
A key step in developing a comprehensive and effective disaster recovery plan is to find an off-site location to store backup media and other vital content. After all, keeping media on-site typically turns into a cost-prohibitive, time-consuming process and increases unnecessary risks should disaster strike.

Our Offsite Data Protection Services also include customized Documents pickup, delivery and rotation schedules designed to meet the needs of your organization. At pickup, Document/File is assigned unique barcode ID’s for tracking and then transported in secure, environmentally-controlled vehicles by RCS data protection specialists. In the event of an organization’s data failure, RCS will deliver the required documents, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring business continuity.


 Digital Imaging

Simple document imaging is viewed as easy and affordable, yet digital document processing can quickly become unmanageable, expensive and fraught with problems. Companies partner with RCS for document scanning services. These services support a wide range of requirements and enable organisations to focus on their core competencies.

Organisations looking for day-to-day document scanning as part of a comprehensive hosted imaging solution, or needing to address a large, back file conversion, can turn to RCS. We are equipped to provide scanning and conversion services more efficiently and cost-effectively than could otherwise be achieved in-house.

With RCS location that house a wide range of high speed scanners, and a capacity to handle millions of pages each month, Archive Systems can accommodate even the largest of projects. We have the experience to capture any document, regardless of its size or media and a proven track record with years of experience in the document conversion and imaging industry


Document Management

RCS provides a full service, offsite, business records storage solution, which empowers you to manage the document lifecycle from Source-to-Shred. You can take advantage of our secure document storage and retrieval, delivery, indexing, destruction, and consulting services. Our multiple Record Center facilitates complete with barcode tracking, system-driven workflows, and sophisticated records management systems to keep your records protected yet easily accessible. Collections can be managed remotely with Web-based access to business records and 24×7 customer services.

RCS is committed to providing you with industry leading customer service and support. Our customer representatives are cross-trained to service every client and experienced service managers can handle specific account requirements. As a result, each client has access to a dedicated team of professionals who care about their business and always respond to their needs.

Data Shredding

Companies must be compliant and protect their information. After all, confidential printed documents in the wrong hands can be used to steal the identity of employees or customers, provide competitors with vital records, and threaten the integrity of a company.

Whether you require the destruction of short-lived documents housed in an office or cartons and files stored in an RCS Records Center facility, we provide the tools to easily monitor and authorize certified shredding of records at just the right time.

RCS offers cost-effective solutions for the shredding of sensitive documents, including carton and file shredding, and bin rotation programs. These document shredding services ensure that business records are destroyed safely offsite in a secure, confidential, and properly monitored facility. Our shredding facilities are designed and built to standards. As such, you can rest assured that sensitive materials will be destroyed without compromising confidentiality.

Data Hosting

To mitigate the above said risks, we offer our service to host all the files on our server with high level encryption which will nullify the security concerns. Clients can access all these information as and when required with separate level of authorization.