Server Management

At RCS, Server Management is everything about uptime, availability and optimized performance where we work towards building a server system, which is effective, reliable, secured and cost efficient.

When it comes to Server Management, we follow a “People-Process-Tool” philosophy. The expertise, experience and exposure of our engineers add on to the service offering. Processes are defined to ensure that the servers undergo a routine checkup on performance bottleneck, resource thresholds & availability, configuration constraints, hardware limitations and various other aspects to assure best possible performance. Tools form an important part of our service and we have evaluated, tested and deployed various server monitoring tools, specific to the business requirement and commercial confines.

RCS is also continuously focused on building comprehensive server capacity management services by evaluating latest hardware available and the applications suitability with respect to server capacity and infrastructure.

Our core functions in Server Management are:

  • Increase Server uptime and enhance security
  • Administering and tuning of server parameters and o/s
  • Capacity Planning for Server, Installation of o/s upgrades
  • Reloading of o/s and performance tuning
  • Perform user account administration as per site requirements.
  • Security Management using security features of OS.
  • Periodic change of passwords on servers & workstations.
  • Monitoring of CPU, Memory & disk space utilization, on exceeding the thresh hold limit intimating the customers for further action.
  • System performance tuning and purging the files on server on day to day basis.
  • Periodic updation of latest Service packs and patches.
  • Reports maintained: Server uptime report & Server activity monitoring chart.