Benefits of choosing  RCS

We have been serving many large corporations for over two decades. Many of them use our services continuously for over a decade. This shows our dedication to serve our customers and our ability to attend to every kind of support situation skilfully. Our teams are dedicated and mature and can be trusted. Our thin hierarchy and agile team structure combined with our experience makes us respond to customers’ needs rapidly and efficiently. All our processes are time tested and proven to be efficient.


Evolution is the best way to perfection….

RCS is in the business of delivering IT Services since 1991. Our systems and processes have evolved over a period of two decades. We have planned resource pool and quick to respond. Our processes are automated with self built applications fine tuned to every customer’s need. We have learned a lot by serving esteemed like Bank of America, Honeywell, KPMG, E&Y, GE and ANZ.

By serving many large corporations for many years, we have perfected processes.





MSSql, MySql, Oracle, Hadoop




IOS, Android, Windows Mobile


We understand all standard systems and processes. We blend with our customers’ teams and work models by carefully studying them and by possessing prior knowledge of similar models. Our tools are configurable and can be implemented to suit diverse needs. We have strict shortlisting procedures which will make our resources productive from day one.

Improved Internal Control

Our project management and incidence management processes are automated with defined escalation matrix. Escalation criteria is based on severity and priority. Stake holders are pre assigned and escalations are automatic throughout the hierarchy.  All tasks and incidences are planned with timelines, assigned to specific stakeholders and monitored.

Domain Expertise

We have worked extensively in the following verticals:

1. Banking

2. Aeronautical Companies

3. Automation Houses

4. Telecom

5. Micro-Finance

6. BPO

7. Healthcare


We strive to provide the best services in the industry to delight our customers. All our deliverables are defined and monitored with automated systems. Our internal auditors conduct periodic checks and ensure strict adherence to quality.

We understand quality and work hard to deliver the best.

Application Expertise

We have experts in the following applications:




These experts come in to integrate custom applications with these systems for seamless and secure information exchange.

Quick and Efficient

We have dedicated SPOC for each of our customers whose only responsibility is to delight that customer with our delivery methods. We have a thin organisational hierarchy enabling quick decisions. We have small and agile development teams who can quickly be deployed on necessity.

Customisable Applications 

We have customisable applications for Fixed Assets Management, Compliance and Document Management, Sales and Task Management and project management. Our customers have found considerable reduction in effort estimation and turnaround time for solutions and services in these areas by using our configurable / customisable solutions.

Make informed decisions

Dashboard views of our project and task management systems help us understand where we stand. Drill down informations displays detailed dats for assessing specific situations and take data oriented decisions.