Unified Service Desk

Enterprise Service Management

Multiple service desks to assign and track tickets seperately for each functional department

Procurement to Retirement Platform 

p2r is a comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management System. It has modules for evaluating and on-boarding of vendors, p2p - procure to pay, assigning and tracking fixed assets, asset audits, depreciation and asset retirement with e-waste policies.
Our services include tagging and verifying fixed assets and asset audits.
p2r can help an organisation reduce its spend on procuring and maintaining fixed assets substantially. It helps procure assets from the best sources at best prices, identifies unused assets and tracks misplaced or missing assets. It also tracks what the assets are used for and how.


Software Services
SINCE 1999

Our Browser Based products have been providing World Class solutions for Service Management, Asset Management and Tracking and Compliance Management for over two decades. Our customers include many in Fortune 500 like Honeywell, GE, TESCO, EY and Deloitte.

Unified Service Desk

UNIDSK is a comprehensive Enterprise Service Management System. It has multiple helpdesks and SLAs. Agents can be intimated directly on service requests.
UNIDSK can automate many manual processes in an Organization.
UNIDSK has dashboards to view critical data on different processes which can help analyse root cause and improve continiously.


Simple Functions


Configure Processes

Administrators can simply configure different tasks iof a process and assign stake holders and agents. They can also configure SLAs associated with each task. Once this is done, the system is ready for use.


Log Service Requests

Users can log service requests for various processes assigned to them. Different SLAs can be configured for different sets of users and processes.Users can also track the progress of their requests.


Alert Agents & Track progress

Agents can taks requests from HelpDesks or they can be alerted automatically. Once an agent takes over a request, the progress can be monitored by all assigned stake holders.


Analyze & Improve

Varience in SLA achievement can be tracked and alanysed for finding root causes. This analysis can help in taking effective measures for improving processes.


Multiple Helpdesks

MEREDIAM has configurable helpdesks. Different processes can display requestes in different helpdesk screens. These can be monitored by multiple helpdesk leads.
Agents can be alloted for specific processes and can be attached to corrosponding helpdesks.


Dash Board

DASHBOARD provides a visual representation of aspects like completed requests, SLA adherences, Agent effeciency. They can be seggregated between different processes.
These DashBoards help in assessing the effeciency of the processes resulting in effecient planning.


Knowledge Base

KNOWLEDGE BASE is a collation of data about the different aspects of a process. It can contain details of tolls used and their technical guides and manuals. These can be uploaded into Merediam and can be made available for agents.

Service Scheduler

Our service scheduler helps organizations efficiently and easily manage repetitive service requirements.
Multiple alerts can be scheduled to different stakeholders and service delivery agents.
Simple form based request with configurable form format for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedules.
Approval Workflow
Multi-hierarchy approval work flow. This is configurable to suit existing workflows.
Alert Engine
Configure alerts prior to schedule and send alerts
Service Delivery
Deliver Request and measure policy adherence


Service Compliance Audits

Perform a complete audit of thousands of service deliveries. 

Flag service achievement as compliant and non compliant.

Analyze root cause for non compliance.

Device plans for improvement & configure UNIDSK System 


Benefits of UNIDSK


Customer Service

Handling high volume of requests, some that are quick and easy to reply to while others require research. 


Human Resources

Handling requests for leave, changes to health plans, training and staffing, salary enquiries, and on-boarding new employees 


Accounting & Finance

Approving expenses, sending invoices, tracking payments.


Legal Tasks

Reviewing and approving documents, requests for standing contracts/forms, and certifying documents. 


Human Resources

On-boarding new employees and performing security checks and audits.


Office Administration

Requesting office supplies, managing printing and courier services, and tracking meeting rooms.


Repair Services

Managing requests for repairs for electrical
equipments, furniture etc.


Transport Requests

Request for transport for official travel.


Improving Productivity 

Easy ticket tracking process enable teams to respond to requests more quickly, leaving inboxes less cluttered.


Enhancing Visibility & control

Once reporting techniques are established, reliable metrics offer a high level of visibility, so that problem areas are easy to identify.


User Satisfaction

As processes help define roles and responsibilities, internal users will become more satisfied with request expectations – and as internal users are satisfied, external customers will see this improvement as well.


Increase ROI

With more business processes using the ESM solutions, higher utilisation of equipments and resources increases the ROI drastically.


p2r is a Browser Based, User Friendly and Customizable Enterprise Procurement Platform. Advanced web technologies are used for Reliability, Stability and Security.
It can be accessed from anywhere using a browser through Cloud.

Mobile Interface

Service Requests using mobile devices.

Service Approvals through mobile.

Responsive screens for approval functions.

Alerts to mobile devices





SAP, Oracle
Bapi, Web Services or Views 


Single Sign-on

Active Directory, LDAP, Google OAUTH


Human Resources

Peoplesoft, XingHR


Network Sniffing

Microsoft - SCCM
IBM - Tivoli

Configurable Modules

p2r has configurable modules, when put together, takes care of all processes needed from procurement to retirement of assets. If the customer chooses to use a different application for a specific function, that application can be seamlessly integrated with p2r platform using APIs or other standard protocols.

Knowledge Base

KNOWLEDGE BASE is a collation of data about the different aspects of a process. It can also contain details of assets and their technical guides and manuals. These can be uploaded into p2r and can be made available for users.


DASHBOARD provides a visual representation of aspects like completed requests, pending POs, assets owned by cost centers, audit progress etc. These DashBoards help in visualising process flows, asset movements and distribution.

Compliance Audits

Perform audit on health and availability of assets.

Audit vendor performances.

SOX, STPI and SEZ audits.

Gap analysis and RCA.


Alert Engine

Our alert engine, keeps every stakeholder alerted on all tasks awaiting their action. Alert engine can be configured as service scheduler to efficiently and easily manage repetitive process requirements.
Multiple alerts can be scheduled to different stakeholders.
Alert engine can trigger to send details of overdue deliverables from vendors. It can alert service staff prior to expected goods delivery making them prepared for installations. 
Compliance tasks and audits that happen in pre-defined intervals can be configured to trigger alerts to stake-holders about approaching tasks.
Service Management 
Periodic maintenance schedules can be configured to trigger alerts to service team about approaching service requirements.

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