Procure to Pay

Procurement to retirement platform

Enterprise Procurement Management

Reverse auction, Integration with ERP (SAP & Oracle), Single sign-on.

Procurement to Retirement Platform 

TRAXX p2r is a comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management System. It has modules for evaluating and on-boarding of vendors, p2p - procure to pay, assigning and tracking fixed assets, asset audits, depreciation and asset retirement with e-waste policies.
Our services include tagging and verifying fixed assets and asset audits.
p2r can help an organisation reduce its spend on procuring and maintaining fixed assets substantially. It helps procure assets from the best sources at best prices, identifies unused assets and tracks misplaced or missing assets. It also tracks what the assets are used for and how.


Software Services
SINCE 1999

Our Browser Based products have been providing World Class solutions for Service Management, Asset Management and Tracking and Compliance Management for over two decades. Our customers include many in Fortune 500 like Honeywell, GE, TESCO, EY and Deloitte.

Procurement Management


Purchase Request

PR is a lightweight web-form. PRs go through an approval cycle. If the item requested is budgeted, then the system checks for available budget and the process stops with intimation to stake holders if budget is not available.


Approval Process

Mutliple levels of approvals can be configured based on cost, asset group, department or cost center. Activities of approvers are logged and based on approval or rejection, the process moves forward or backward with intimation to stake-holders.



Frequently procured items can be pre-negotiated at a specific price for a period of time. Price and duration can be negotiated with multiple vendor partners based on geography, capacity etc. These items can be added to a catalogue from which orders can be placed without RFQ process. 



Choose vendors to send RFQ. On submission of request, mails will be sent automatically to all selected vendors. Selected vendors will also be able to log into TRAXX and upload their proposal. They can submit proposals multiple times during the configured window.


Reverse Auction

Negotiations with configurable reverse auction helps in securing best terms and cost savings. Selected vendors are provided with a ranking screen with real-time update on position held by specific vendor. Price or other terms used for ranking can be updated by vendors during the auction window to improve their positions.


Vendor Comparison

Vendor submits proposal through TRAXX. Submitted information is displayed as comparison statement. Ranking of different proposals can be viewed based on different factors apart from price. Specific or all vendors can be provided extensions for submitting proposals after multiple interactions. This can happen after and before bidding.


Terms Engine

Different purchases can have different terms. Terms can be added to TRAXX and they can be grouped together under specific heads. Purchase orders can be served with specific group of terms.



On successful authorisation by all approvers, the system generates firm Purchase Orders and sends them to respective vendors by mail along with terms, agreements or contracts. 
It can track delivery terms and accept goods and services under strict quality control.


Payment Tracking

Self audits can be triggered periodically using our Audit module.  Fixed asset inventory and reconciliation can also be done by comparing audit data with asset register.


User Satisfaction

Users can see at what stage their purchase requests are and can plan accordingly. They can rate every purchase. These ratings and feedback are captured for continous improvement.


TRAXX is a Browser Based, User Friendly and Customizable Enterprise Procurement Platform. Advanced web technologies are used for Reliability, Stability and Security.
It can be accessed from anywhere using a browser through Cloud.

Mobile Interface

Service Requests using mobile devices.

Service Approvals through mobile.

Responsive screens for approval functions.

Alerts to mobile devices





SAP, Oracle
Bapi, Web Services or Views 


Single Sign-on

Active Directory, LDAP, Google OAUTH


Human Resources

Peoplesoft, XingHR


Network Sniffing

Microsoft - SCCM
IBM - Tivoli

Benefits of TRAXX


Onboard The Best

Our vendor on-boarding process evaluates partners of their strengths and compliance adherences to on-board only the best.  


Delight the partner

Our continuous evaluation mechanism ensures performing partners are suitably rewarded. This not only delights them, but also improves their quality of service.


Global Access

Every member of an organisation can access TRAXX p2r immaterial of location or hierarchy. Our browser based system empowers employees to communicate to the management about their requirement of equipments.


Quick Turnaround

With TRAXX, managers can get a list of available equipments at the click on a button. These can be routed to PRs (purchase requests) without delay saving valuable productive time.


Best Deals

Our vendor comparison and reverse action processes ensure that the vendor partners come with their best deals. 


Transparent Procurement Process

Complete records of negotiation and vendor selection processes are saved in TRAXX data store. They can be made available in report format for audits.


Quality Control

GRNs and SRNs pass through predefined quality control process. This ensures in-warding of good quality materials without defect.  


Reduction in Procurement

List of assets that are available for distribution is made available to the procurement and asset management team. This ensures that assets are procured only when it is ensured that an equivalent asset is not available internally for allocation.

Configurable Modules

p2r has configurable modules, when put together, takes care of all processes needed from procurement to retirement of assets. If the customer chooses to use a different application for a specific function, that application can be seamlessly integrated with p2r platform using APIs or other standard protocols.

Knowledge Base

KNOWLEDGE BASE is a collation of data about the different aspects of a process. It can also contain details of assets and their technical guides and manuals. These can be uploaded into p2r and can be made available for users.


DASHBOARD provides a visual representation of aspects like completed requests, pending POs, assets owned by cost centers, audit progress etc. These DashBoards help in visualising process flows, asset movements and distribution.

Compliance Audits

Perform audit on health and availability of assets.

Audit vendor performances.

SOX, STPI and SEZ audits.

Gap analysis and RCA.


Alert Engine

Our alert engine, keeps every stakeholder alerted on all tasks awaiting their action. Alert engine can be configured as service scheduler to efficiently and easily manage repetitive process requirements.
Multiple alerts can be scheduled to different stakeholders.
Alert engine can trigger to send details of overdue deliverables from vendors. It can alert service staff prior to expected goods delivery making them prepared for installations. 
Compliance tasks and audits that happen in pre-defined intervals can be configured to trigger alerts to stake-holders about approaching tasks.
Service Management 
Periodic maintenance schedules can be configured to trigger alerts to service team about approaching service requirements.

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