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Benefits of TRAXX

Onboard The Best

Our thorough vendor onboarding process evaluates partners based on their strengths and compliance adherence, allowing us to onboard only the best.

Partner Delight

Our ongoing evaluation mechanism rewards high-performing partners, leading to both their satisfaction and an improvement in the overall quality of service.

Global Access

TRAXX p2r provides access to every member of an organization. Our browser-based system empowers employees to communicate their requirements to the management.

Quick Turnaround

Managers can quickly access a list of available equipment with a simple click, enabling prompt routing to purchase requests (PRs) and saving valuable productive time.

Best Deals

Our vendor comparison and reverse auction processes ensure that vendor partners offer their best deals, maximizing cost savings.

Partner Delight

Complete records of negotiation and vendor selection processes are securely stored in the TRAXX data store. They can be accessed in report format for audits.

Quality Control

GRN and SRN undergo predefined quality control processes, ensuring the receipt of high-quality materials without defects.


The procurement & asset management team distributes available assets, enabling them to procure new assets when an equivalent asset is not available.

FAM Solution

Configurable modules cover asset procurement and tracking till retirement, incorporating best practices from various verticals.

Pluggable Platform

Seamless integration allows customers to incorporate functions from their existing systems.

Reduced Asset Loss

Asset ownership records hold employees accountable for adhering to policies, reducing instances of missing assets.

Asset Audits

TRAXX's self-audit process simplifies & accelerates compliance audits, ensuring accuracy & IFRS compliance.

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