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Vendor Management

On-boarding, Auctions, Payments, Evaluation and Rewards

Empanelment Request

Vendors can submit empanelment requests, providing basic credentials. Evaluations will be conducted, and temporary logins will be provided to access p2r for uploading compliance documents.

Evaluation Process

A dedicated approval team will scrutinize vendor-uploaded documents. The approval process can be customized to align with different organizational approval policies.

Vendor Approval

Recommended vendors will undergo stakeholder approvals. Once approved by multiple stakeholders, the vendor will receive a welcome email with a link and credentials to access the vendor portal.

Purchase Order Issuance

All vendor interactions can be managed through the vendor portal. Vendors can receive RFQs, submit proposals, participate in auctions, and receive purchase orders. Invoices with GRN or SRN can be submitted with payment tracking.

Goods & Services Delivery

Vendors can deliver goods and services while uploading relevant documents for recipients to review and approve.

Invoice Upload

Vendors can upload approved invoices for goods and service deliveries into the p2r system. The accounts team will process and make payments accordingly.

Payment Tracking

Both vendors and accounts teams can monitor pending invoices. Vendors can interact with the accounts team and vice versa regarding payment-related matters.

Service Evaluation

Goods and service recipients, along with designated stakeholders, can evaluate and provide feedback on vendor services. This feedback can be utilized for vendor assessment and improvement.

Benefits of Vendor Portal



Interact with stakeholders and partners in one centralized location. Store all correspondences for easy retrieval & streamlined communication.


Experience real-time communication and prompt delivery of requests to stakeholders. Access information about vendors and their proposals, enabling quick turnaround times.

Onboard The Best

Our vendor onboarding process thoroughly evaluates partners based on strengths and compliance adherence, ensuring only the best partners are onboarded.

Partner Delight

Our ongoing evaluation mechanism rewards high-performing partners, leading to both their satisfaction and an improvement in the overall quality of service.

p2r -
Streamlined Procurement at Your Fingertips

p2r is a user-friendly and highly customizable browser-based enterprise procurement platform. Leveraging advanced web technologies, p2r ensures reliability, stability, and security.


Accessible from anywhere through a browser and the cloud, p2r simplifies and enhances the procurement process for organizations.



service requests


alerts instantly

Mobile-Friendly Interface

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approve services


User-friendly approvals

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