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Enterprise Service Management

Multiple Service Desks and Ticket Tracking

Unified Service Desk

UNIDSK is a comprehensive Enterprise Service Management System with multiple helpdesks and SLAs.


It automates manual processes, provides direct notifications to agents, and offers dashboards for analyzing critical data and driving continuous improvement within the organization.

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Configure Processes

Administrators can easily set up tasks, assign stakeholders and agents, and configure SLAs for each task, making the system ready for use.

Log Service Requests

Users can log service requests for their assigned processes, with different SLAs configured based on users and processes. They can also track the progress of their requests.

Notify & Track

Agents can receive alerts or actively take requests from HelpDesks, and the progress can be monitored by all assigned stakeholders.

Analyze & Improve

SLA achievement variances can be analyzed to identify root causes, enabling effective measures to improve processes.

Features of Service Management

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Working with Laptop



Laptop and Paperwork



Multiple Helpdesks

MEREDIAM supports configurable helpdesks for different processes, enabling efficient request management. Helpdesk leads can monitor requests in their respective helpdesks.


The dashboard in MEREDIAM provides visual representations of key metrics such as completed requests, SLA adherence, and agent efficiency. It also offers insights into process performance.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base contains process-related information, such as tool details, technical guides, and manuals, which can be stored. It is accessible to agents, providing them with valuable resources.

Service Scheduler

Efficiently manage repetitive service requirements with our service scheduler. Schedule multiple alerts to be sent to different stakeholders and service delivery agents, ensuring timely and organized service delivery.


Simplify request submission with our customizable form-based e-requisition system. Tailor the form format to suit different schedules, allowing users to easily submit service requests.

Approval Workflow

Customize a hierarchical approval workflow to align with your processes. Accommodate various approval levels for seamless and efficient request approvals.

Alert Engine

Preconfigure alerts to notify stakeholders and agents about upcoming tasks or events. Keep everyone informed and prepared for service delivery.

Service Delivery

Deliver services efficiently, ensuring adherence to policies. Track performance and drive continuous improvement by fulfilling service requests.

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Compliance Audit

Audit service deliveries to ensure compliance

Flag compliant and non-compliant service achievements

Analyze root causes of non-compliance for improvement

Develop plans and configure UNIDSK for enhancements

Benefits of Enterprise Service Management


Customer Requests

Handling high volume of requests, quick replies, and research-based responses.

Human Resources

Leave requests, health plan changes, training, staffing, salaries, and new employee onboarding.

User Satisfaction

Defined roles and expectations lead to increased satisfaction for internal and external users.

Office Administration

Office supplies requests, printing, courier services, and meeting room management.

Repair Services

Managing repair requests for electrical equipment and furniture.

Accounting & Finance

Approving expenses, sending invoices, and tracking payments.

Legal Tasks & Review

Document review, contract/forms requests, and certification.

ROI Increase

Optimizing resource utilization for higher ROI using ESM solutions.

Transportation Requests

Managing requests for official travel transport.

Productivity Enhancement

Streamlined ticket tracking for faster response and improved visibility.

p2r -
Streamlined Procurement at Your Fingertips

p2r is a user-friendly and highly customizable browser-based enterprise procurement platform. Leveraging advanced web technologies, p2r ensures reliability, stability, and security.


Accessible from anywhere through a browser and the cloud, p2r simplifies and enhances the procurement process for organizations.



service requests


alerts instantly

Mobile-Friendly Interface

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approve services


User-friendly approvals

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